Are your cleaning chemicals letting you down?

As professional cleaning contractors, there are 3 common issues we see when we open the cleaning cupboard at a new site:


1. Your staff are using the wrong product for the job

a)  For example, using a sanitiser when you need a cleaner. It just takes more elbow grease and leaves smears.   


2. Having a cupboard full of chemicals that all do the same job

a)  Yes, you are wasting money


3. Non compliant MSDS and poor safety handling systems


Peerless JAL have been specialists in the sphere of Cleaning for over 60 years and as the Peninsula’s leading supplier, we offer you:  

  • Expert advice and training in ‘the right product for the job’   
  • Color and number coded product labeling/cleaning products/ screen printed bottles and dispensing systems.
  • Technical support from a team of chemists  
  • Labour and cost saving environmentally responsible systems.
  • Most importantly, low dilution rates resulting in cost effective cleaning.

Book an obligation free 30 minute consultation and let us show you what you’ve been missing.