Commercial Office Cleaning from Cleaning Professionals

Our customers trust us because we are more than just a 'Vac and Mop' service.  We are responsive, up to date with the latest biotech solutions and compliant with 2019 laws that affect commercial cleaners.

When you engage us, here's what we'll tell you:  

  1. Just spraying disinfectant isn't a cure:  We are experts in the right product for the job.
  2. Cross Contamination can make you sick: Processes matter, that's why colour coded cloths are just the start.
  3. Support local manufacturing:  We supply commercial grade chemicals made in Melbourne since 1947. Not cheap stuff from China.
  4. Reduce your packaging waste:  We use super concentrate products, promote refillable dispensers and supply in bulk. 
  5. You need seamless service: Having a large local team means if your cleaner takes a sick day or goes on holiday, you're still covered. 
  6. Professionals have insurance, police checks and understand the importance of confidentiality. Enough said.

If you’re busy running a business and want all aspects of your office cleaning managed properly, let’s talk.

Our office cleaning service options include: cleaning chemicals, stainless steel polishing, degreasing, toilet paper, hand towels, hand soap, shower gel,  window cleaning, carpet cleaning, kitchen canopy cleaning, carpark and warehouse slab cleaning and commercial floor strip and seal. 


Total Commercial Cleaning Solutions are currently providing Talent Propeller and Big Splash with a cleaning service for our office space that is outstanding. First of all their professionalism is beyond what you would normally expect from a cleaning company. You are personally introduced to your cleaners so you know exactly who will be cleaning your office space. The services they have provided have met and gone beyond all expectations. There is clear communication at all times, I do not have to worry about them not turning up and I don't have to keep pointing out areas that need to be cleaned. Our cleaners have the initiative to do what is needed to ensure we come into an office space that is clean. 

- Victoria Williams, Talent Propeller