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We found Darren, Deb and the team at Total Commercial Cleaning Solutions to be professional, approachable, thorough and a pleasure to worth with.  They have been proactive in identifying and dealing with potential problems and have offered solutions rather than excuses.  I would recommend them to any company that requires a proficient team with a 'can do' attitude." - Josephine Lamattina, A&G Lamattina and Sons Pty Ltd, Boneo

"A fantastic service offered by fantastic people. The range of cleaning services they offer is enormous - it doesn't matter what you need cleaned, they can do it. Then on top of that, they can also offer a complete range of event services from toilet supply & cleaning to car park & traffic management. I can't recommend them highly enough." - Peter Ritchie

"Darren & Jo and their team are passionate and professional about keeping things clean and safe. I would highly recommend his team to anyone needing cleaning and his other services!" - Liam Staines

"They love cleaning, that is what they promise & deliver. Thank you for a prompt response to our request. We will be back soon, great job!" - Melissa Newsome

"Darren and Deb are the most enthusiastic cleaners I have ever met. The have a great team too. Thanks guys." - Laz Nagy

"The guys are total commercial cleaning have been very helpful in offering me some advice on cleaning my walls, and I'm looking at booking them in very soon, thanks for the advice." - Richard Kuhl

"Highly recommended! Great Service. Thanks Darren" - Michael Whelehan

"I had Darren come to my home and everything that he and his company will be able to do to spruce the house for sale will save me a lot of time and money. I have a large attrim that I have tried to clean the clear roof - he is able to get up to four floors in height and do a fantastic job." - Jennifer Marr

"So impressed with the number of differing services offered - more than just a cleaning company!" - Teresa Ferreira

"Highly impressed with Darren and Jo. Would Recommend" - Sam Bennett

"Darren and his team are very helpful and do a great job!" - Michael Bradbury

"Had our house cleaned recently, good job guys!" - Luky Wilson

"Professional team with a variety of cleaning and event management solutions" - Rosie Fritsch

"Great Service" - Peninsula Sparky

"Highly recommend Total Commercial Cleaning Solutions" - Chris Maber